January 2018

  • JCBF supported staff Rajesh Bauri for his mother’s treatment.
  • JCBF Supported Pramod Valmiki’s who comes from an economically backwards community with his daughter’s school fees.
  • JCBF continues to support in providing contact lens to Prateek Kochar.

March / Apr 2018

  • JCBF supported Mr. Vishnu Katore for successful  cataract surgery in both eyes.
  • JCBF paid fees of Ms. Sanjana More for BMS Course.
  • JCBF supported Anand Chhetry, Brijesh Yadav, Shraddha Jadhav & Umme Salma for a complete eye examination at Primary Eyecare Centre.

August 2018

  • JCBF & Ansal University have set up a programe of “Educating the Educator” in the their Advance Contact Lens Course at Gurugram campus by providing a topographer to map the cornea.
  • JCBF will also provide financial support to staff to run the Course on a continuing basis.

September, 2018 – Vision Screening Program at Laxminagar Public School

  • Vision screening Program was organized at Laxminagar Public School run by Akansha Foundation at Mumbai on 6th & 7th September 2018.
  • Team of Optometry students from Lotus School of Optometry carried out the screening supervised by Optometrist Clerita Serrao of Primary Eyecare Centre.


Lotus eye Hospital Visit

June, 2008
  • A total number of 260 children were screened.
  • 15 teachers & staff members were screened.
  • 40 students of the school were referred to Lotus Eye Hospital for further evaluation for which JCBF borne the costs.

October 2018

  • 28 students of the school required spectacles, which were dispensed at Laxminagar Public School and the cost was borne by JCBF.
  • All the children were advised on how to take care of their spectacles and recalled in one year.


November 2018

  • Mst. Deva Yadiyar, Pooja Jha, Ravi Jha & Devni Falke of Laxminagar Public School were brought to Primary Eyecare Centre for further Evaluation.
  • All the children were sent to pediatric ophthalmologist for surgery and treatment.
  • The total cost for the treatment was 78050/- which was borne by the Foundation.