January, 2009

JCBF held a Fund Raising programme by organizing a Golf Tournament.

A hundred donation cards were distributed and a donation of Rs 25,000/- from Modi Enterprises was received.

The event was jointly organized by JCBF and Johnson and Johnson Visioncare.

February, 2009

JCBF started the basic Vision Screening programme with Naval Wives Welfare Association (NWWA) Eastern Naval Command at Vishakaputnum. Jyoti Dave-Singh trained 6 teachers of Bal Wadi school, Little Angels school and Sankalap school for special children.

JCBF supplied all equipment required for the screening after teaching the teachers how to perform basic Vision Screening as this will be an ongoing programme being performed every year by the trained teachers.

Mrs Dave-Singh gave a presentation on ‘Eye health and Nutrition’ and instructed the teachers to use this information to teach the children to eat healthily, by using an interactive method. She also discussed the possibility of incorporating this information in the school meals preparations.

Sixty four children were screened at Bal Wadi school and arrangements were made for the children to be treated at L.V. Prasad Eye institution at Vishakhapatnam. All costs of the treatment, including the supply of spectacles, were borne by the foundation.

April, 2009

JCBF put into action the tie–up with the NGO ‘ACT’ (Action in Community and Training) based in Faridabad, Haryana.

The following ‘National Child Labour Programme’ (NCPL) school's children were screened for eye-health. 07/04/09 Sector 10, NCPL Schools # 18 and 19. 01/05/09 Sector 9, NCPL Schools # 15 and 16 29/04/09 Sector 10, NCPL Schools # 17 03/06/09 Sector 9, The Rising, NCPL - two schools.

In total ‘Basic Vision Screening’ was carried out at 7 NCPL schools, in partnership with ‘ACT’, whereby, a total of 285 children and 18 teachers were screened.

30 children and 12 teachers were treated at ‘Escorts Hospital Ophthalmic Department’. The total cost of the treatment was borne by ‘Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation’.

12 children were treated for severe vitamin deficiency which was affecting their eyes, 22 children and 12 teachers were provided with spectacles and two children required surgery.

August, 2009

Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation’s ‘Train the Trainers programme’ conducted basic Vision Screening training to Master Trainers Miss Lisa Ringner and Miss Keeley Oakley – by Master Trainer Mrs Jyoti Dave-Singh.

Lisa and Keeley, under the supervision of Master Trainer Jyoti, further trained sixteen ladies of ‘Mumbai Connexion’ on 26th August 2009, who volunteered to conduct basic Vision Screening at selected schools attended by underprivileged children in south Mumbai.

Lisa, Keeley and Jyoti trained seventeen students from HR College, Mumbai on 27th August 2009, who volunteered to train as ‘Basic Vision Screeners’ for the JCBF and HR College joint venture.

October, 2009

Basic Vision Screening was conducted by volunteers from Mumbai Connexion at the Agripada school run by Mumbai Mobile Creche.

Lisa, Keeley, Annie, Cecilia, Cynthia and Janet were present. The screening was conducted under the supervision of Master Trainer Jyoti Dave-Singh.

The children were gainfully occupied with toys and games by the teachers and Cynthia with her camera!

Out of 2640 children and teachers screened, 450 were transported to ‘The Primary Eyecare Centre’ run by Jyoti Dave-Singh and Isha Dave for further tests and investigations.

The children were put through several tests by Isha Dave (Optometrist) with the help of assistants Tejal Vora (Ophthalmic Assistant), Annie Pavard (Optician).

One child required Ophthalmological treatment and was prescribed eyedrops and vitamins Dr. Hemalini Samant (Pediatric Ophthalmologist) and has been put under her care for observation for three months until further treatment.

All the teachers and one child (Rahul) were dispensed spectacles.

October 30th, 2009

The Managing Trustee Mrs. Jyoti Dave-Singh was invited by Mr. Kailash Bhaviskar (Ophthalmic Officer) to visit Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

Mrs. Dave-Singh met Dr. Wangikar Head of Department of Community Ophthalmology, to discuss the possibility of introducing the course of Ophthalmic Dispensing, in joint venture with a UK based institution.

Mrs. Dave-Singh also presented lectures on Contact Lenses to the Faculty and students of MUHS on behalf of JCBF.

November, 2009

The joint venture between the Foundation and HR College (Mumbai) of ‘Basic Vision Screening’ at selected charity schools started in full force.

Sixteen HR College students and twelve volunteers from ‘Mumbai Connexion’ were involved.

A total of 2640 children were screened at four schools in south Mumbai. This picture illustrates Isha Dave (Optometrist) undertaking vision screening on the children.

A total of 468 children and teachers needed further investigation. The children were then transported to Mrs. Jyoti-Dave Singh's clinic for further diagnosis.

This child had a defect and was treated at Hinduja Hospital under the care of Dr. Nishita Agwarala.

December, 2009

Out of the 2640 children vision screened by the H. R. College students under the ‘Train the Trainers’ program by the Foundation, almost 20% were transported to clinics and hospitals in south Mumbai. This picture illustrates Dr. Deepak Garg (Paediatric Opthamologist) examining a child with a squint at his hospital ‘Eye Solutions’, Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai.

All those children who required vision correction with spectacles were fitted with frames. Spectacles were made and dispensed by the students under the supervision of the master trainer. The cost of the spectacles was borne by the Foundation.