January, 2013

JCBF – HR College Project, Phase 2: HR College students arranged for all the school children & teachers who required further treatment to be transported to clinics and Hospitals.At the clinic, the HR College students helped the optometrists and were assessed by independent observers on the skills that they had learned in ‘Train the Trainer’ programme

Further examination of the children at Bombay City Eye Hospital at Babulnath.

February, 2013

Our work for children and teachers at ‘Seva Sadan School’ at Gamdevi. Children who required further examination were taken to Jyoti Dave’s clinic at Chowpatti. In this checkup doctors personally checked each child thoroughly and students of HR College helped them as per instruction.

HR College Students helping to perform certain tests under supervision at ‘The Primary Eyecare Centre’ at Chowpatti, Mumbai.

Students helping to perform certain tests under supervision by Optometrist Isha Dave.

March, 2013

Dispensing spectacles at the ‘Akanksha Foundation’ aided schools.

Girls of Seva Sadan School, very happy with their new spectacles.

Independent observer Madie Colwill assessing the HR College students’ skills.

JCBF – HR College Project Phase 3: HR College students giving a presentation to teachers of ‘Akanksha Foundation’ on ‘Eyehealth & Nutrition’ in the ‘Educate the Educators’ programme.

Child Dipti Chauhan of ‘Akanksha Foundation’ aided school at Shindewadi, Dadar was treated at Lotus Eye Hospital. CT Scan was performed for further investigation. She will be undergoing surgery all costs will be funded by JCBF

Baby Shariva was found to have a cataract in her left eye. She will undergo a surgery with an implant to correct her vision. The costs will be funded by JCBF.

JCBF Trustee Jyoti Dave-Singh gives free lectures at Nagar School of Optometry at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, as part of World Optometry week

April, 2013

College student Salma Ume has been diagnosed with Keratoconus - a disease of the cornea where there is loss of vision- at ‘The Primary Eyecare Centre’ JCBF supplied her with ‘Rose K’ lenses to restore her sight.

Dr Uma Patel, COO of CHARUSET hospital in Changa, Gujarat approached Trustee Jyoti Dave-Singh to aid setting up of ophthalmic dispensing department JCBF will be involved in setting up a school of optometry at CHARUSET University.

JCBF - HR College project 2012-2013

  • A total of 360 children and teachers were further examined at ‘Primary Eyecare Centre’, Bombay City Eye Hospital and Lotus Eye Hospital.
  • 76 children & teachers were supplied with free spectacles.
  • 21 children were supplied with free medicines and 2 children were examined further for surgery

May-August, 2013

JCBF & HR College Project (Phase 3)- PPT on ‘Eye Health & Nutrition’ to teachers of Akanksha Foundation run Schools.

JCBF-HR College project 2012-2013

  • A total of 955 children and teachers were screened at 5 schools run by Akanksha Foundation.
  • 360 Children were taken to ‘Primary Eyecare Centre’ for further examination.
  • 21 children were further treated at ‘Bombay City Eye Hospital’ & ‘Lotus Eye Hospital’. JCBF supplied free medicines to all.
  • 76 children and teachers were supplied with free spectacles.
  • 1 child was sent for MRI investigation at ‘Lotus Eye Hospital’ and one child was referred for surgery

June, 2013

JCBF sponsored child Harsh Thangarajan for KG to be followed by primary, secondary and college education.

Seen here: Trustee Jyoti Dave-Singh with Child Harsh and mother Pooja.

JCBF-HR College Project Award winners

  • Best Group
  • Group 2: Pawan Kukreja (Leader), Amit Kootathil, Rushab Shah, Preeti Shakya, Shiwani Sharma
  • Best Overall Performer: Renuka Superkar
  • Best Group Leader: Jayesh Sapra (Group 4)
  • Best CD Presentation
  • Group 3: Umika Bhatia (Leader), Shruti Vasudevan, Vineeta Pal, Renuka Superkar, Susanna D'souza
  • Best Mentor: Raunak Thadani
  • Best Recipe: Mrs. Priyanka Deorukhakar

Best Recipe Award for Teachers: Mrs.Priyanka Deorukhakar


  • Rice: (Vitamin B, Manganese), Tomato: (Vitamin A,C,E, Beta Carotene,Lutein, & Zexanthin, Lycopene), Onion: ( Vitamin A,C,E, Manganese),Carrot: (Vitamin A),Green Peas: (Vitamin C),Cabbage: (Vitamin C),French Beans: (Vitamin C)
  • Garlic: (Vitamin A,C,E),Green Chilli: (Vitamin C),Coriander: (Vitamin A,C),Turmeric: (anti-inflammatory),Cummin Seeds: Vitamin A,C),Vegetable Oil: (Vitamin E)
  • Cashew: (Calcium),Salt: (Sodium)


  • Wash all Vegetables properly and cut them into small pieces. Put all Vegetable pieces into 2-3 cups of water and boil it for 10 mins. Take 2 cups of rice, wash it 2 times and soak it for 10 mins (washed rice) and then boil it.
  • Take frying pan, put 2 spoon of oil, add cumin seeds, garlic, onion & cashew pieces, fry it for 5 min till it becomes brown.
  • Add cooked rice into the pan and all boiled vegetables into it. Mix & add turmeric powder and salt according to taste. Steam it for 5-10 mins by keeping lid over it. Garnish Pulav with Tomato and coriander.

Awards Function, 14th August 2013

Chief Guest Dr. Pasricha (Retd DG Police Maharashtra) gave an inspiring talk on importance of community service. Trustees Vice Admiral (retd) Madanjit Singh & Jyoti Dave-Singh, Dr. Indu Sahani along with other dignitaries were present.

Ms. Mittal kindly donated Rs 20,000/- towards the surgery of patient Rana Singh

October-December, 2013

JCBF-HR College Project for 2013-2014 - Phase 1 begins with participation of 20 student volunteers

Jyoti Dave-Singh training HR College students on Basic Vision Screening

JCBF-HR College Project Phase 1

Phase one consisted of “Basic vision screening” was done by the volunteers.

Over 1000 students were screened within a span of 2 weeks in the school premises under supervision.

JCBF HR College Phase 1: Vision Screening at schools

Optometry students from Lotus College helped with the Vision Screening.

HR College student Kush checking eye movements