January 2017

  • JCBF held a Fund Raising programme by organizing a Golf Tournament at United Services Club (Mumbai) to promote sports for women and children.
  • 72 Golfers participated out of which 24 were women and children.
  • The amount collected was Rs. 60,000/- (Sixty Thousand Only)

March 2017

  • Celebrated world Optometry day at CHARUSAT University, Changa, Gujarat. Trustee Jyoti Dave-Singh conducted Lectures on Eyehealth and Nutrition
  • 200 students participated. Students prepared recipes of food dishes which can provide good nutrition for the eye and invited the guests to taste the dishes.

April 2017

  • JCBF Screened 95 students of Mahalakshmi Mumbai Public School.
  • 11 students were referred for further treatment at Lotus Eye Hospital for which JCBF paid all the costs.


May 2017

Continuing support for Harsh Krishnamurthy. JCBF Trustee Mrs. Jyoti Dave-Singh presented Harsh with Books as he has done very well at school getting good Grades in all subjects.

June 2017

  • JCBF sponsored child Tanisha Krishnamurthy¬†for her primary school education at St Joseph’s High School.
  • JCBF supplied all uniforms and required books.


August 2017

  • Vision screening Program was organized at Laxminagar Public School Mumbai on 2nd 3rd & 4th August 2017.
  • Team of Optometrist from Lotus School of Optometry aided the screening.


June, 2008
  • 225 children were screened.
  • 26 were further examined at Lotus Eye Hospital.
  • 20 were prescribed and supplied with spectacles.
  • All expenses were borne by JCBF.

September 2017

  • JCBF supplied free Rose K contact lenses to Prateek Kochar and Umme Salma who come from an economically backward background.
  • Satyabhama Das was supported by JCBF for a successful Cataract surgery for both eyes.


October 2017

  • JCBF paid for 5 Phaco Cataract surgeries for economically backward patients at CHARUSAT Hospital Changa, Gujarat organised by Dr. Uma Patel CEO of the hospital.
  • Prabhodkumar Babubhai Vyas was one of them.


November 2017 - Vision screening project at Seva Sadan Schools

  • Vision screening Program was organized at Seva Sadan School Mumbai on 27th 28th & 29th November 2017.
  • Team of Optometry students supervised by Optometrist Vishwa Sanghavi from Lotus School of Optometry carried out the screening.


  • A total number of 300 children were screened.
  • 8 staff members were screened.
  • 19 students and 3 staff members of the school were referred for further evaluation.
  • 22 children were sent for further treatment at Lotus Eye Hospital for which JCBF borne the costs.

December, 2017

December, 2008
  • 26 students and 1 staff member of school required spectacle.
  • 20 pairs of spectacles costs of which were borne by JCBF, were dispensed at Seva Sadan School.
  • All the children were advised on how to take care of their spectacles and recalled in one year.

JCBF Trustee Jyoti Dave- Singh using her expertise help set up the Dispensing and Contact Lens Lab at Charuset University Optometry Department. This Lab is a very important requirement for 2nd and 3rd year Optometry students and Post Graduate Master.