January 9th to 15th, 2010

Vision Screening Project was conducted with with Mumbai Mobile Creche at at Sion Construction site. This program was recorded by Ms. Tiamara Williams’s of New Zealand in ‘Globally Inspired Lives’ project, which is to be telecast worldwide in 2011. Master trainer Jyoti-Dave Singh and EHW (Eye-Health Worker) Manju of Mumbai Mobile Creche are screening a child.

Master trainer Cecilia helping with the screening.

Educate the Educators

Master trainer Cecilia educating the teachers of Mumbai Mobile Creche to use the information in the interactive books to teach the children on eye-care and eye-health.

Teachers were given tools to teach interactively on how to maintain healthy eyes.

An infant with squint being fitted with spectacles to help prevent Amplyobia (Lazy-Eye).

Mrs. Jyoti-Dave Singh and Ms. Tiamara Williams in discussion about the children's party to celebrate the end of the project.

Children were distributed their spectacles and they enjoyed the party.

300 children and teachers were screened. 5 teachers and 8 children were given free spectacles. One child was referred for surgery. All costs were borne by JCBF

January 18th, 2010

JCBF and ACT tied up with an NGO named ‘Prakash Deep’ in Faridabad, Haryana,, to conduct basic Vision Screening at NCLP (National Child Labour Project) school in Sector 9. This school has four classes which are conducted in an open-air square in Faridabad.

Mrs. Jyoti Dave-Singh and Mrs. Savita Datt of ‘Prakash Deep’ discussing future projects with NCLP schools in sector 9 Faridabad, Haryana.

A total of 120 children were screened and out of which 10 children were sent for further investigation and treatment.

February 15th to 18th, 2010

JCBF and Mumbai Connexion conducted a basic Vision Screening programme at Regina Pacis School in Byculla, Mumbai. 500 children and teachers were screened. JCBF provided twenty one pairs of spectacles to the children.

March 10th to 12th, 2010

JCBF conducted a basic Vision Screening programme jointly with NWWA INS Hamla in Malad, Mumbai. At this Navy Base, children of three schools were screened. President NWWA Mrs Anuradha Picharody supported this programme enthusiastically.

Train the Trainers

4 paramedics from the Navy base were taught how to conduct basic vision screening along with 8 teachers.

Several tests were carried out with the help of the trained staff.

A total of 478 children and staff were screened and 43 were sent for further examination at the Navy hospital and Rotary eye hospital in Malad, Mumbai. All were given spectacles.

July 23rd and 24th, 2010

Training of paramedics for 'Basic Vision Screening' for dependants of sailors of INS VIRAAT aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy.

Out of 250 dependants screened 30 were sent for further treatment.

One baby with congenital cataract removed at birth was fitted with a contact lens to save its sight. The total cost was borne by the Foundation.

August 26th, 2010

7 Awards were given to HR College students for the 'Best Team', 'Best Presentation' and 'Best Overall Performer'. 'Certificates of Participation' were given to all 16 participants at the Achievers programme of HR College. JCBF Trustee Isha Dave gave away the awards in the presence of Dr Indu Shahani, Principal HR College.

December, 2010

H.R. College Students after being trained as basic Eye Health Workers (EHW) doing Vision Screening at schools. Raunak and his team at Seva Sadan school, Gamdevi.

H.R. College students Shantanu and Meet looking for abnormal signs under the watchful eyes of Master trainer Jyoti Dave-Singh.

H.R. College student Olivia with a child from Seva Sadan at Jyoti Dave-Singh’s clinic to help out with further screening.

H.R. College student Siddesh helping with the TFT test overlooked by Trainer Nikki and independent observer Divyam.

H.R. College student Nirali helping Optometrist Isha Dave at her clinic.

Optometrist Isha Dave doing further examination to prescribe spectacles.

Children and staff with squint identified for further treatment at ‘Bombay City Eye Hospital’.

The squint operations to be performed by the resident pediatric ophthalmologist at the ‘Bombay City Eye Hospital’ and 'Lotus Eye Hospital', Juhu. The costs to be borne by the Foundation.

JCBF and H. R. college 'Basic Vision Screening' programme in 2010 conducted at 'Mumbai Mobile Creche' school.