What Have We Done So Far?

Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation have set up a Vision Screening programme, aimed at helping address visual problems amongst children. We are educating them on maintaining eye-health through our ‘Educate the Educators’, and ‘Train the Trainers’ programmes. This will in turn enable us create a database on ocular health issues which will be used in all our research programmes on eye health and nutrition for the prevention of blindness.

  • Visited government schools in rural areas for vision screening and identified children that needed aid.
  • Partnered with local government health organizations for treatment.
  • Trained teachers in vision screening and provided resource materials on maintenance of eye health.
  • Raised funds for the treatment of these children.
  • Donated vision screening equipment to the schools for sustenance of the program.
  • Conducted continuing dialogues with the schools to monitor progress of the program.

We completed the necessary administrative activities to set up the Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation in December 2007, and commenced charitable activities from Jan 2008. We have designed resource materials for donation to the schools for a sustainable programme of vision screening. We have set up three programmes.

  • 'Train the Trainers'

    Train the Trainers Where we train permanent staff other than teachers to do basic vision screening.
  • 'Educate the Educators'

    Educate the Educators Where we educate the teachers at school to incorporate in their curriculum, the knowledge on eye health and nutrition through interactive teaching methods.
  • 'Awards'

    Awards ‘Award for best Eye Health Worker (EHW)’ where we encourage the participants in our ‘Train the Trainers’ programme.