Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust, a non-profit, non-Governmental Oganisation (NGO), established on 24th September 2007. It is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the main aim is to help maintain the eye health of children of rural and lower income group communities of India.

‘Times of India’ reported on ‘World Sight Day’ on 11th October 2007:

  • ‘More than 320,000 children in India suffer from avoidable blindness’
  • ‘A child goes blind every four minutes’
  • ‘Rural India accounts for 80% of the blind population’
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that the number of blind and visually impaired in India will double from 180 million to 360 million by 2020 unless concerted action is taken

The eye is the window to the body. Sight development is a very important factor in the normal overall development in children:

  • Deficiency in eye function will often result in the slowing of the child's physical and intellectual development
  • Diet is one of the most important factors in eye health
  • Vision problems today can be identified and corrected without causing any discomfort or worry
  • Early detection can lead to timely intervention and the elimination of the problem before it can have a negative impact on the person's life